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The world has a big problem on its hands. There’s no safe place for men to talk openly about their frustrations, emotions, and past. So, to help solve the problem and provide a platform for understanding, we created the Married Not Dead Podcast. This podcast offers a different conversation about relationships, parenthood, and life from the perspective of four real guys, talking about real things. 

Hosted by: Husbands, fathers, and lifelong friends:

Christopher Barkley

AKA BonsaiChris
Christopher is a married father of three, entrepreneur, writer, and creative. Chris has spent the last fifteen years in consulting, sales, entertainment, and marketing. In 2014, he co-founded Bonsai Creative Enterprises, LLC with Nicholas Buggs. Chris lives just outside of Nashville, TN.

Nicholas Buggs

Nick is a happily-married father of three who lives in the state of Maryland.  Founder of Nick’s Words, Co-Founder of Bonsai Creative Enterprises, and an internal Strategic Planning consultant for the federal government, Nick leads an active business life while managing the daily responsibilities of being a husband and a father. 

Brian Comer


Brian is a proud father of three and two-time (not timing) husband. By day Brian is an IT/Data professional and by night a lifelong gamer and a lover of all things Star Wars. Brian lives north of the Trump Grand Wall and Casino in Nolensville, TN.

Jason McConnell

Jason hailed from Huntington, Indiana and made a move to Nashville to pursue a career in media and the arts. Jason is a father, husband, and artist currently living in West Nashville.
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